* - The minimum purchase is 1 container.

01 - AN EGG
  • Class A Category S - weight from 45 to 52,9 grams
  • Class A Category M - weight from 53 to 62.9 grams
  • Class A Category L - weight from 63 to 72.9 grams
  • Class A Category XL - weight from 73 grams
Deliveries are made from Ukrainian and Russian manufacturers.
All products comply with the current international veterinary and sanitary requirements for quality and safety.

The color of eggs is white and brown.

The goods are packed in high-quality export boxes. All boxes contain 360 eggs packed in trays.
The eggs printed information about the country of origin, the date of production and the expiry date.
Boxes can be marked with date of production and expiration date in any language to meet import requirements in different countries.

We carry out deliveries to United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Qatar, Omar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Liberia and others.

On product delivery, the customer receives the following documents:
  • Invoice – original
  • Packing list – original
  • Certificate of Origin - original
  • Veterinary Certificate - original
  • Bill of Lading